Nov. 15, 2022

Building With Nature & Scaling Biophilic Ideas with Mary Davidge

Mary Davidge has spent her career at the forefront of biophilic design. Between 2014 and 2021, Mary served as Google’s Director of Global Design, where she worked closely with biophilic leaders like Bill Browning and Judi Heerwagen to implement design solutions across Google’s campuses that prioritize health, happiness, and the environment. Prior to that, she ran her own firm, where her groundbreaking work in biophilic design and green building helped lay the foundation for certifications like LEED Platinum and the Living Building Challenge. Nowadays, Mary serves on the board of the Biophilic Institute and on the advisory board of the International Living Future Institute Biophilic Design Initiative, advocating tirelessly for biophilic solutions at scale. In this episode, we discuss Mary’s career at the intersection of tech and green building, the importance of placemaking, and why greening cities can solve multiple societal problems at once. 

Show Notes

Keywords: Nature, Biophilia, Biophilic Design, Green Building, Google, Google Campus, Silicon Valley, Tech, Tech Industry, Design, Architecture, Equity, Environmental Justice, Health