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Incredible Content

I am a veteran communications writer focusing on social media, pop culture and contemporary issues. This podcast and the quality of the revolving guests is something I organize my weeks around. I learn something new with each episode, the very fluid way Monica and Jennifer engage their superb line up is truly informative and memorable. It’s caused me to not only appreciate nature in a new way, but also incorporate it into my life. It’s made me healthier, wealthier in wisdom and creativity.

Incredible content

I am in my third year of law school pursuing a career in corporate law. On of my professors suggested this podcast for its content, for the way it discusses how we should change the way we live… for our health, the environment and to incorporatte nature into our everyday life. Jennifer and Monica are amazing—i woukd love to meet them and be like them in my career. They get the smartest and mist topical guests. Outstanding podcast!

Where have you been all my life?🥹

Just listened to my first episode — “Blue Mind” — and I had so many a-ha! moments that I couldn’t write about all of them here. I just downloaded Nichols’ book and I can’t wait to give up whatever else I was going to do today to read it.

These conversations are life changing

Jennifer and Monica have assembled a world class army of scientists, activists and experts on nature and its effect on our well being, health and creativity. Each episode is rich with insights and present a compelling vision on how and where we should live. Golden nuggets every episode.

I LOVE this podcast!

This has been such an interesting journey of discovery of our connection to nature and it’s impact on our health and the health of our communities. I truly enjoy Monica and Jennifer and their exploration of the topics. What a fun podcast, I’m recommending it to everyone I know.

So grateful for this podcast!

My heart is full of joy and gratitude for this podcast! Monica and Jennifer have boldly done what others shy away from - an inspiring and educational platform that discussed the hardest of the issues around our finding balance and harmony with our planet. Each episode restores my hope for humans evolving toward thinking and feeling with nature. As an eco therapy researcher and nature artist, this is the first podcast and movement that I feel is doing what we all need to do: relearn how to feel connected with nature, and think in harmony with it, as if our life depends on it…because it does. I love listening to them as I paint nature, as they help me stay on my career track for nature connecting, and immersing ourselves with nature. They make it fun, and make this process a humbling learning journey together. None of us knows it all, nor has all the solutions. This is a safe place to restore what is already in us, and address the core issues, without ridicule or shaming.

Excellent conversations

Monica and Jennifer have an extraordinary understanding of Biophilia and the effects of being outside and living as one with nature. Their guests are compelling and I eagerly anticipate each episode. A great listen.

Such an interest in this after two years spent inside

After being at home for the majority of two years, I realized how much I missed nature and my connection to it. Listening to this podcast inspired me to get back outside and enjoy our gorgeous planet. LOVE, love, love this one!

Nature wins!

Great hosts, great guests, great information! I love how Biophilic Solutions helps deepen our understanding of nature. It solidifies the truth of coming back home to nature, and backs everything up with expert guests and scientific facts. It's also fun and easy listening with hosts who make you feel like your visiting with old friends.


Such an amazing podcast snd I absolutely love Jennifer!! She has so much passion and is so inspiring!!

Great listen!

Inspires me to get out and make daily walks, while listing to this podcast, of course.

Great podcast!

So many great guests and topics. Love listening to the hosts interview interesting and informative guests. 💚🏆💚

Outstanding and important podcast

Absolutely loved it. Thought provoking and practical, this podcast outlines an important path forward in meeting environmental challenges while balancing sustainable living habits. Highly recommended.

Such a great podcast

This podcast is great for nature lovers who want to learn more about the power of the natural world. I love it!

So informative!!

What a great podcast. It is super informative on a topic that is very of the moment.

Humans connecting with nature? YES, please!

I was introduced to the concept of biophilia by Jennifer Walsh during the height of the pandemic in NY and am so grateful. The simple concept of humans connecting with natures very powerful. This interest led me to the Biophilic Solutions podcast and I appreciate that each episode with Monica and Jennifer is interesting and informative with a positive vibe. A win win! Please keep up the excellent work!

Outstanding and so important!

Biophilic Solutions is an excellent podcast! They so clearly define how we’re part of nature and therefore address the importance of taking care of nature!

Love these girls!

Love this show! It’s so important to fuel a healthy lifestyle and this show has so much helpful information to do so. I’m a listing to the healthy snacking episode right now!

Jennifer and Monica

These ladies are so informative and knowledgeable on their subject!

Huge fan

I am such a fan of Jennifer Walsh and these podcasts are so informative. As Jennifer would say GET OUTSIDE.

Refreshing perspective!

Bottom line, we need to get off Zoom and back outside… such a positive spin on outlet world and our future!

Good for your soul!

Excellent podcast on our most important resource - nature. Jennifer Walsh and company brings you informative and interesting content. Take a listen.

VERY Needed & SUPER amazing podcast

Jennifer and Monica take us through the essentials for our health and the health of the planet! Listen in, it’s a must!

Do You Know Biophilia?

Jennifer and Monica are fun, interesting, intelligent, engaging and their guests are exceptional. If you don’t know anything at all about Biophilia, that’s ok! Start here!

Perfect podcast for the quickly growing biophilic movement!

As a Manhattan-based urbanite, my reliance on the “natural world” (i.e. every single park and green space in the city) increased 1000% during 2020 and has remained strong. I was introduced to the word biophilia by Jennifer Walsh (one of the founders of this podcast) and find myself nodding in agreement with each concept. I am all about common sense solutions, natural ideas and comfort so this podcast teaches me and makes sense of my attraction to nature even though I live in a concrete jungle! Jennifer and Monica: please continue sharing your expertise and ideas on these podcasts! Bravo!


This is a really fun, educational and innovative podcast. It opens doors to things I didn’t even know existed and it does it with a light touch and sort of draws you in. I look forward to hearing many more

Biophilic Solutions

I have been interested in this topic for a long time and the clairity and the quality of the subject manner and the speakers is fantastic. This is a superb, MasterClass quality. The exchange is free flowing, the content is substantive and the chemistry between Monica and Jennifer is seamless. I especially like the way they summarize the topic at the end of each episode--it has an NPR lifelong learning quality, It is an important tpoic, especially as we consider our environment and living spaces post pandemic!

Biophilic Movement

So excited for this podcast!