Feb. 21, 2023

Olmsted, Awe, and America’s Public Lands with Author Jeffrey H. Ryan

Have you ever hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail? Taken a family vacation to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone? Or strolled through Central Park for some respite from the Manhattan hustle? If so, you can thank a handful of early American environmentalists who advocated for, designed, and built the public lands we enjoy today.

Today on the podcast, we’re joined by Jeffrey H. Ryan, author of This Land Was Saved for You and Me: How Gifford Pinchot, Frederick Law Olmsted, and a Band of Foresters Saved America’s Public Lands. Jeffrey, an avid outdoorsman in his own right, walks us through the fascinating history of the early environmental movement and its major players. We also discuss the difference between preservation and conservation, Jeffrey’s own experiences as a writer and hiker, and the awe-inspiring moments we find in nature.

Show Notes

Key Words: History, Environmentalism, Public Parks, National Parks, National Parks Service, Central Park, Environmental Movement, Biophilia, Biophilic, Biophilic Design, Urban Planning, Frederick Law Olmstead, Jeffrey Ryan, Nature, Outdoors, Hiking, Appalachian Trail