Oct. 4, 2022

Saving The World’s Quiet Places with Matt Mikkelsen

Natural places, untouched by man made noise pollution, are practically nonexistent in the modern world. Unfortunately, the lack of quiet in today’s world doesn’t bode well for our health; noise pollution is tied to an array of health problems like cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression, and attention disorders. Our guest today, Matt Mikkelsen, is a sound engineer, audio recordist, and documentary filmmaker who also serves as the Executive Director of Wilderness Parks at Quiet Parks International, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to save quiet for the benefit of all life. Preserving these places for our own calm and respite - and for the biodiversity and habitats of other species - is absolutely vital. In this episode, we chat with Matt about his work governments all over the world, the importance of true listening, and finding hygge in the wilderness. 

Show Notes

Key Words: Quiet, Silence, Wellness, Biophilia, Biophilic Design, Environment, Noise, Noise Pollution, Parks, State Parks, Park, Conservation, Land Conservation, Climate Change, Hygge