Jan. 24, 2023

The Case for Climate Optimism with Anne Therese Gennari

An optimistic outlook on life tends to make people happier, more successful, and even healthier - but how do we apply optimism to a situation that oftentimes feels as serious and dire as the climate crisis? Enter today’s guest Anne Therese Gennari, author of The Climate Optimist Handbook. In this book, Anne Therese hopes to shift the narrative on climate change so that those of us in the fight can work from a place of courage and excitement rather than fear and anger. In this interview, Anne Therese traces her own journey from burnt out activist to climate optimist, tells us why she thinks individual action is crucial, and walks us through some action steps we can take to shift our own perspectives. 

Show Notes

Key Words: climate change, climate action, climate optimism, climate optimist, optimism, wellness, activism, activist, climate activism, biophilia, biophilic