March 1, 2022

What’s Your Nature Dose? With NatureQuant Founder Jared Hanley

This week, we’re speaking with Jared Hanely, the CEO and founder of NatureQuant, a company whose mission is to leverage technology to promote a greater connection to nature. The idea for NatureQuant came out of a multi-day ski trip with Jared’s co-founders Christopher Minson and Christopher Bailey, when they realized that the power of metrics and trackable data could encourage people to get outside and reap the benefits of time spent in nature. NatureQuant’s applications include NatureScore, which measures the quality of greenspace in a given area, and NatureDose which individuals can use to keep track of their time spent outdoors. In this episode, we talk to Jared about the exciting applications of his technology beyond individual health, the possibilities of measuring biophilic design benefits, and if he is at all worried about “app fatigue.”

Show Notes

Key Ideas: Nature based solutions, technology and society, environmental issues, health and wellness, biophilic design